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Central Park, Rockefeller, & Times Square Horse Carriage Rides

Visit three famous spots in one day!

Quick Details

Private Carriage (holds 4 adults)

The Trifecta Carriage Ride Tour of New York City’s Iconic Landmarks

What to Expect

This tour of NYC’s most iconic sites starts at the corner of 59th street and 6th Avenue, following a short trip in Central Park, and continues on the famous 5th Avenue along the Apple Icon and many other historical landmarks toward the Rockefeller area. Then, follow the lights and the glory of the city into Times Square. Wandering through NYC’s streets at night on a horse carriage ride is certainly an experience everyone should try.

There is so much to see, it is hard to list all. Depending on where you look and what you see, the content of the tour changes. After riding through the park in its nightly calm, romantic paths, and various views of the city, delve into the crowded New York life along a central avenue that takes you to the heart of the city, Times Square. At the square, it is a different world: there is energy, noise, lights, and the crowd — all coming together in the cosmopolitan melting pot of this great city!

At Times Square, people around the U.S. and the world gather in a festive atmosphere day and night, cold and warm! So being on a carriage is like watching a panoramic view of NYC and its people who come from all around the world to meet at this “timeless” square!

Seeing the park and the city combined in one single experience is a unique opportunity. On this tour, you feel special as you roll by NYC streets on a horse carriage — an old and world-renowned New York tradition! Get ready to view and feel the city and its people on this rarely offered opportunity.

Each carriage holds four adults — two children under the age of 7 are considered one adult. If you have more than four adults or any combination of adults and children in your party, simply add another carriage to your order!